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     Current situation. To improve environmental conditions in many West European countries (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and others) wind energy is already widely used. In up-to-date power plants wind energy is transformed into electricity, which is used for domestic needs and its surplus is supplied to the network. In 1991 The Closed Joint Stock Company "Vejas" designed the first wind plant in Lithuania, which was built in the Prienai district. Later the Closed Joint Stock Company "Jegaine" was founded, which continued this activity. Several power facilities were designed each being of 60 kW range, one of these was built in Kaunas. In the Klaipeda district one power plant was built, which was designed by the staff of the Klaipeda Technical University. Not all plants could work quite successfully, a series of technical problems have arisen concerning wind power efficiency, operational reliability and other issues. Solution of these problems requires investigations of wind energy climatic aspects, data on the wind energy distribution depending on wind velocity profiles and other data. These issues arc successfully dealt with in Denmark, Germany, Austria and other countries. No such investigations were initiated earlier in our country.
     Wind energy resources and possibilities of their utilization are very specific for various countries, therefore, experiences of separate countries can not be mechanically transferred into our country for application. Even on the scale of Lithuania the universal way, applicable for all regions equally, is absent. It depends on local natural conditions, on energy infrastructure development level of the region, on population demand for energy resources and a series of other factors. Implementing wind energy is associated with great investments; therefore wind power utilization may be initiated only after thorough scientific and economic investigations.
     Main objectives. Initial wind energy resources evaluation was carried out in Lithuania, as the first step of utilization, their calculation methods were developed using long year meteorological data supplied by the meteorological stations. The investigation show, that wind energy may be used in our country and it is feasible. However, solving there issues requires fundamental research to ensure efficient operation of wind power plants and reliability of structures in air flow. Before wind turbines building begins, measurements of wind energy parameters must be carried out using special instrumentation lasting not less than 6 to 12 months as required by legal regulations. It allows suitable choice of wind power facilities, preparing optimal operation regime and timetables, forecasting power generation and evaluation of economic indicators.
     In addition, it is necessary to examine variation of wind parameters, wind gust forming wind velocity profiles, taking into account unevenness of surrounding grounds and level of building areas over, and wind flow formation behind the natural and urban obstacles.
     Up-to-date technologies must be used for development of wind power in Lithuania, databases must be compiled, analysis of engineering and economic indicators of wind power installations, must be carried out to evaluate locality conditions and to prepare strategy of building wind power plants. In table there are following works must be carried out for implementation of the program.

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